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S1 and S3 students visit Bagamoyo, Tanzania

The Baobab School students from Bagamoyo, Tanzania are like family to Viva College School although they reside in another part of East Africa.

As a way of shaping our students’ and team members’ appreciation of different cultures and school systems, the S1 and S3 members of the Viva College community, along with some teachers and support staff members, paid a visit to Baobab Secondary School.

Viva College students participated in different activities alongside students of Baobab such as showcasing traditional dances, sports competitions, education challenges  to mention but a few and they enjoyed themselves to the fullest after making good friends.

The journey was adventurous because students visited a number of new places including Wet and Wild Water Park at Kunduchi beach, the Tanzania Port Authority, Dar-es Salaam Zoo, The University of Dar-es Salaam, Zanzibar Island and many more!

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  1. Jordan Waheze

    It was S5 and S3 who made the trip to Tanzania. Why is the deputy speakers picture while at Viva displayed under the student’s visit to TZ story?

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