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2019 Secondary School Science Competition at Viva College School

The day was colorful and a variety of schools participated in this competition including Kings College Budo, Busoga College Mwiri, Iganga Secondary school, Mengo Secondary School, Trinity college Nabbingo, Jinja College, Kiira College Butiki, Namilyango College and Viva college school. The competition was accompanied with different kinds of projects which included Water Aquilibrium, Bridge Building competition, Electrical circuit wiring and Urban planning Transportation Models. All the students that participated showed their advanced skills in these projects and this made the competition very stiff.

The Competition was concluded with Kiira College Butiiki being the Second runners up, Viva college School as the First runners up and Kings College Buddo emerged the winners of the competition. Great thanks goes to the teachers, administration and management of these various schools for the support and guidance that they gave to the participants and for giving them the opportunity to be part of the competition enabling them to enrich their skills in these fields.

As Viva college school, we would like to give sincere thanks to the sponsors of this competition, Sanlam Uganda for the support that was given to ensure that the competition is a success. We deeply appreciate the willingness that you showed and we pray that you continue to sponsor our efforts in this case.

Water Aquilibrium project

Viva college participants Pose with their teachers after the awards